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A list of the best Kenyan tour companies:

It has been a great challenge determining which is the best Kenyan tour company among a crowd of many tours and travel companies that have sprout in Kenya over recent times. In this post, I will discuss:

a). How to know which the best tour company in Kenya.

b). The list of the best tour companies in Kenya.

Let us dive in.

How to know which the best tour company in Kenya.

In this section, you will learn the indicators that will assist you know the best tour companies.

To start with, for a tour company to be the best, it must have top-notch customer support. Ever experience a situation whereby you send an email and the personnel or a certain travel company answers in many weeks to come? This can be incoveniencing. You need a tour or travel company that responds promptly to your bookings and enquiries. This helps you book in time and travel without any glitches.

Secondly, the best tour companies should be available online. Without a website in this era, how would you read the updated profile of a tour company especially if located in a far away country? It should be through a website. Online presence these days is a must for any business including tour companies.

In addition, it goes without saying that the company MUST be registered as a company as per the registra of companies act in Kenya. That is the only way it qualifies to be a company. If any travel company fails to present a registration number, you should not use its services at all.

Of more importance is that that tour company should be registered with KATO. This is the organization that registers and regulates all tour companies within Kenya. Therefore, if a company is based in Kenya, it should for sure be a member or KATO.

A list of the best tour companies in Kenya.

1. Africa Celebrity Tours & Travel Limited= This company meets all the above conditions and it suits well as the best tour and travels company based in Kenya.

2. Benrosom safaris.

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