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Savannah sightseeing would not be complete without visiting the vast plains of Kenya. Most of the famous National parks and reserves are in this country, where the wild ranges freely.  Be it on a wild safari or on a hot air balloon safari, Kenya has it all for you to enjoy the wonders of the world. In addition, Kenya has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing, since it is one of the most culturally diverse countries of the world. It is also one of the countries where the people still hold on to their culture, for instance the Maasai and the Swahili of the cost are still very much practicing their culture up to date. Take time to join these people and learn more about them.

In addition, savannah sightseeing in Kenya will take to the many hills And Mountains in the country, with the tallest mountain in African and second tallest in the world being in Kenya, which is Mountain Kilimanjaro, which stand in Amboseli National park. You can take a hike up the Mountain and enjoy the Scenery from up above, which is quite memorable. The other Mountain Is Mt. Kenya which stands in the central Highlands of Kenya.  This Mountain is beautiful with a snowed peak; you can view it from surrounding game reserves such as the Meru game park.

Savannah sightseeing will also involve a visit to the Great Rift Valley to see some of the world famous lakes and hot springs. Take a swim in the hot springs of Lake Bogoria, and watch the flamingos in their thousands at Lake Nakuru. Visit Lake Naivasha and watch the huge hippos of Africa at their best.  In addition to the wide range of animals, the country is also home to thousands of beautiful birds. These birds have also been set aside for protection in protected bird sanctuaries for sightseeing. Don’t just see the animals and the people go deep into the Oceans and have a look at the diverse Mammals of the majestic Indian Ocean. While at the Coast region, you will enjoy the sandy beaches and the beautiful sun of the Kenyan Coast.

Savannah sightseeing in Kenya does not need take you far, if you love the city life there is plenty of sites to visit right here in the city. The animal orphanage is part of the Nairobi national park, it hampers some of the endangered species of animals such as wild cats, cheaters, leopards and many more. The national museum of Kenya right here in the city will also give you a close look at the Kenyan culture and also learn more about her history. Kenya Museum is also home to many of the endangered reptiles, such as snakes, crocodiles and tortoise. If you love Giraffes, the Giraffe center is the right place to go to. All the different spices of Giraffes that is the Maasai, the reticulated and the Rothschild’s giraffe are in this place and you will love feeding them and touching them

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