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Kenya safaris involve a trip to the wild game reserves of Kenya, with a tour guide to guide you all through your journey. Safaris have been known to be the best way to experience the beautiful Kenya in the first hand. We will take you right to the heart of the wild-life kingdom and have you interact with the animals.

Safaris in Kenya give you a chance to take photos of the great animals right in their natural habitat. If lucky enough, you can touch them and feel their fur.

A safari in Kenya is an enjoyable ride, with a knowledgeable guide who explains every phenomenon that you might find on your safari.  Our Kenya safaris are a great way to learn the life and ways of the local people especially the Maasai whose life in close proximity with the wild animals: they have a beautiful culture that is wonderful to learn.

A Kenyan safari would not be complete without a ride in a hot air balloon. Hot air balloon safaris help you see all the animals from a safe distance. Well above the vast plains and the tree tops of the Mara you will catch all the wildlife that you would otherwise miss on the road. It is a great way to view the hunter and the hunted as they both fight for the survival in the wild. Try a hot air balloon safari with us and experience a time of your life time. Don’t forget your camera to keep those memories close to your heart.  You will be sure to view the big five all at once.

Moreover, Kenyan safaris would not be complete without going to the heart of the great migrations in the Maasai Mara reserve. This is the annual event as hundreds of gazelles, zebras and wildebeest cross the flooded crocodile infested Mara River. The drama that follows as the animals struggle to cross the river is amazing. In addition, crocodiles make a feast of the numerous migrants. In fact, only the fittest will survive to the other side where the newly grown sweet grass flourishes in abundance and the Savannah hunters wait for the new arrivals to make a kill.

Finally, a Kenyan safari also offers a few of the beautiful mountains of Kenya with their snow at the top. These Mountains are: Mountain Kenya and Mountain Kilimanjaro. You can decide to trek up the mountains for a better view or visit the game parks in these areas. A safari in Kenya is also a great chance for you to camp amidst the wildlife when night falls. Deep in the night there are more views of the game as life continues for them, lions hunt and the gazelles continue to eat their grass. These camps offer a good chance to meet the local people, and learn more about their culture. You can be sure to sleep well to continue with your safari the next day. 

A Kenya safari is the best way to experience and have a taste of Africa within a short while. Try it today.

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