Solio Ranch (Laikipia)

Solio Ranch (Laikipia) - an overview

At 77kmē, Solio Ranch is one of Kenya's smallest tourist attractions. Also called Solio Game Reserve, the ranch was founded in 1970 and is popular for its rhino breeding program. It rests on Laikipia Plateau, at an altitude range of 1,890-2,035m above the sea level. The privately owned ranch is located between the Aberdare Mountain ranges and Mount Kenya. It is 22km north of central Kenya's Nyeri Town.

Wildlife and Birds in Solio Ranch

Solio Ranch was founded objectively as a breeding ground for white and black rhino. This feat has widely been successful and several rhinos from Solio have been transferred to other locations in Kenya yet Solio still supports an unbelievable population of rhinos. The most spectacular scene at the ranch is the sight of both species of rhinos unnaturally intermingling. The reserve also has a decent population of giraffes, zebras, buffalos and several antelope species. All the big cats have as well been introduced. Finally, the ranch, courtesy of being in the Laikipia Plateau, is home to hundreds of bird species.
h3> Several bird species
The rhinos as well as other mammals
The big cats
Stunning view of Kenya's tallest mountain

Weather and Climate in Solio Ranch

Solio's proximity to equator means that temperatures are almost constant. However, it gets significantly cold during late evenings. Rains are moderate with wet and dry seasons. The dry season starts from June to September while the wet season of October to May has a short dry season in between. The dry season is characteristically sunny, but downpours can appear without notice.

Best Time To Visit Solio Ranch

The best time to visit Solio Ranch is during the dry season of June to September. Unlike during the wet season, it is at this time that the park is drier and roads are accessible. Grass is also shorter, vegetation thinner and wildlife are almost fully exposed. Some of the elusive big cats will most often be in the open during the dry season. As a matter of fact, this is the best period for birdwatching, wildlife viewing, camping and lodging at Solio.

How To Get to Solio Ranch

Situated about 180km from Nairobi City, Solio Ranch is one of the most proximal Laikipia Plateau conservancies to Nairobi, Kenya's capital. It is possible to get to get to Solio by road from Nairobi through Nanyuki. The journey takes about 3 hours. However, the fastest way to get to Solio is by organizing for a chattered flight to Nanyuki Airstrip and then half an hour transfer to the famous and illustrious Solio Lodge.

Where to Stay while in Solio Ranch

Solio Lodge, located in Solio Ranch, is the most luxurious in the entire Laikipia Plateau. Most tourists prefer to stay book themselves in this lodge because Solio Lodge is home away from home. The food, rooms and entertainment is beyond the ordinary. The deals are incredible!

Malaria, Vaccinations and Safety

Visiting during dry season minimizes your chance of contracting malaria. While that is the case, it is important to adhere to antimalarial vaccinations, which is a mandatory step for Kenyan tourists. Laikipia Plateau is safe and the community is accommodating.

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