Marsabit National Park

Marsabit National Park

About 560 kilometres north of Nairobi lies the 1,554 kmē Marsabit National Park. In the 1970s, the park arguably had elephants with longest tusks in he continent. The most famous elephant was named Ahmed and was put on 24 hr surveillance by the Kenyan government. Ahmed died a natural death and his tusks weighed a massive 300kg. While that is history, the park is currently a wildlife and bird sanctuary. The park is rarely visited, but a visit there is very worthwhile.

Wildlife and Birds in Marsabit National Park

The park has a dense population of reptiles mammals and birds. On a daily basis, enormous herds of elephants walk around the lake. Honestly, the crater lake is not the most ideal Kenyan destination for wildlife viewing. However, a visit to Marsabit Lodge gives you an incredible view of the giants. Buffalo, leopards and lions are occasionally seen and when they appear, the sight is magnificent. Unlike the crappy wildlife watching, Marsabit National Park is a number one paradise for birders. It has over 500 recorded species of birds. Birds of prey and waders are a spectacular show.

Attractions in Marsabit National Park

Three fantastic craters
A birding paradise
The peaceful Marsabit lake
Virgin, unspoilt forest
Several species of butterfly
Camping and picnics

Weather and Climate Marsabit National Park

Marsabit National Park is situated in the northern Kenyan desert. Temperatures are therefore warm and hot throughout the year. The periods between January-March and July-October are hot and dry. April-June and November-December are both wet periods, the former being characteristically hot while the former is warm.

Best Time To Visit Marsabit National Park

Marsabit region is arid, don't expect a lot of rain. However, when the rains, it comes without notice. You can visit Marsabit anytime across the year. During hot seasons, make sure you putvon light, loose clothing.

How To Get to Marsabit National Park

Kenya is one of the best tourist destinations in Africa with thousands of tourists arriving every month. Accessing the country has never been a big problem. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, is a regional transport hub. It is a destination and transit hub for many planes. From Nairobi, you can fly to Marsabit or go by road. Scheduled flights are available to Marsabit Airstrip. You can also charter a plane. A journey by road to Nanyuki is a hectic one, but the journey exposes you to the northern Kenya arid and semiarid adventure.It is important to prepare adequately for the conditions. It is a 560 km journey via Nanyuki and Isiolo. Most of the road is paved but still has about 120 km marrum road towards the end of the journey.

Where to Stay while in Marsabit National Park

Marsabit Lodge, founded in 1974, is Marsabit's main accommodation joint. It is located strategically to allow clearest viewing of elephants walking around the lake. Others include, Chicho Hotel, Nomad's Trail Hotel, Lake Paradise Special Campsite, Public Campsite, Gor Hotel and Imperial Hotel. Malaria, Vaccinations and Safety Apart from being an exciting tourist destination consisting of diverse ecosystems, wildlife, sceneries and birds, Kenya is a safe haven for tourists. Make sure you are on antimalarial vaccines. Malaria is a threat particularly if you will be camping or walking around the wilderness.

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